Gillard Reaffirms Position Against Same Sex Marriage

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has reaffirmed her position against same sex marriage following US President Barrack Obama’s historic declaration of support.

Speaking on ABC Radio this morning the Prime Minister said, ‘I’ve made my position clear and that’s the position I’ll take into the parliament.’

Greens’ human rights spokesperson Senator Sarah Hanson-Young responded to the Prime Minster’s statement saying,

‘Prime Minister Gillard risks being on the wrong side of Australian history in her continual opposition to marriage equality. Mr Abbott needs to stop obstructing Coalition members from having a conscience vote on it.

‘Same-sex couples should be allowed to marriage the person they love in the country they love, and not have to head overseas to share their public commitment to each other.\

In the US Republican presidential nominee front runner Mitt Romney has restated his view that marriage should only be between a man and a woman. On Wednesday Romney was reported as saying that he was in favour of limiting benefits to same sex couples.

OIP Staff

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