Girl Guides ready to march in the Perth Pride Parade

Girl Guides members in Western Australia will march in this year’s Pride Parade.

Girl Guides WA State Commissioner Linda Elezovich said the theme of this year’s PrideFEST is one that encapsulates the Guides philosophy.

“The theme for the 2018 Parade is ‘Together,’ and that’s what Girl Guides is all about,” Elezovich said. “We work with girls and young women to show them the benefits of working together, accepting one another and caring for others.”

Girl Guides WA has been working with girls and young women in WA for over 100 years.

“We have always been about responding to the issues that affect girls and women,” Elezovich said.

“Guiding unleashes the potential of girls and young women to be advocates for themselves, and we encourage members to take a stand for what they believe in.”

In Australia, Girl Guides membership is open to all girls and young women without distinction of creed, race, nationality, sexuality or any other circumstance.

Girl Guides runs programs supporting girls and young women to aim for equity in governance and fight against body image stereotypes, as well as addressing financial inequality and gender-based violence. Many respected female leaders in Australia, from Premiers and Cabinet members to media personalities, were former Girl Guides.

“Girl Guides is open to any girl and every girl, and it’s basically a space for girls to explore their goals and interests,” Elezovich said. “We see the key benefits as positive self-image, resilience, and a passion for getting involved in the community and the world.”

The Girl Guides participated in last year’s parade alongside the Scouts, but this year is the first time they’ve opened up participation to their whole membership.

The Pride Parade winds its way through the streets of Northbridge on Saturday 24th November. 

Source: Media Release

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