GRAI Breakfast: Faith, LGBTI people and inclusive aged care

Fullscreen capture 25092015 105209 AMGLBT Rights in Aging Inc (GRAI) are hosting an interdenominational breakfast with Reverend Olivia MacLean leading a discussion on faith and inclusive aged care in the LGBTIQ community.

Rev MacLean, Head of Mission Development at Baptcare Victoria will be speaking on the organisations recently published report: ‘Safe, inclusive & person-centred care for LGBTI seniors’.

Baptcare’s report hones in on issues facing LGBTI seniors accessing relevant and specific care that suits the needs of the individual.

“Baptcare is committed to providing quality aged care and community services within a society characterised by much need and great diversity,” the report’s introductions explains.

“This rich diversity brings with it an imperative to serve the needs of Australians from all sections of society – including those with diverse sexual orientations and gender identities who make up the LGBTI communities.”

The free event includes a free breakfast to accompany the forum. Attendees must still RSVP to the event for the purpose of catering.

Resolutions: Faith, LGBTI people & exclusive aged care will be held on Friday October 9th at Southcare, 54 Bickley Crescent Manning. RSVPs can be submitted at

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