Greens candidate Connor Parissis says video does not show the full story

The Greens are standing by Connor Parissis, their candidate in the Sydney seat of Barton, brushing off calls for him to be disendorsed after a video emerged that shows him in a heated exchange during Australia’s marriage equality debate.

Parissis argues that the video does show show the whole story, admitting that he used coarse language in his exchange with No campaigners, he highlights that the video does not show abusive comments made by the other side.

News Corp publication highlighted a video shot on the grounds of Sydney University in 2017 which showed Barton screaming at Catholic students who were giving out free food and encouraging people to vote against marriage equality.

“Shut the fuck up.” Parissis shouts in the video, “Go back to church…you know who;s a joke? Your fucking beliefs.”

Later in the video he is recorded saying “Go wank yourself at home, you and your fucking Jesus picture.” and “I wish I could kick your face in.”

The Catholic students in the video told The Australian that the altercation made them afraid to express their religious views on the university’s campus.

The footage was filmed by right-wing media organisation Verum Media, and Parissis said the footage has clearly been edited. The now defunct YouTube channel was set up by Chechade ‘Charlie’ Richa, his brother Joram was previously a candidate for Cory Bernardi’s Australian Conservatives in the Bennelong Bi-election.

In a 2017 interview Richa outlined how his media operation was set up to highlight the no argument against marriage equality.

Parissis, who was the university guild’s queer officer at the time of the incident said the students had set up their ‘Vote No’ stall without permission and had been telling passing students that marriage equality would lead to legalised bestiality and pedophilia.

OIP Staff