Greens’ motion against religious discrimination act welcomed

LGBTI equality advocates have welcomed a unanimous motion condemning the Federal Government’s Religious Discrimination Bill and protecting the Tasmanian Anti-Discrimination Act, passed at today’s Tasmanian Greens State Conference in Hobart. The motion was moved by federal senator Nick McKim.

The motion condemned federal intervention to weaken Tasmanian human rights standards and noted that the state discrimination provision under attack protects people with a disability, LGBTIQ people, women and members of racial minorities.

Equality Tasmania spokesperson, Rodney Croome, said it was a welcomed development in the ongoing debate over religious discrimination laws.

“I congratulate he Greens on being the first, and thus far the only, political party to condemn the federal bill and stand up for our landmark state legislation.”

“The section of the Tasmanians Anti-Discrimination Act the Federal Government wants to override has fostered inclusion and fairness in Tasmanian society and must be defended by all politicians who care about Tasmania being a better place.”

“I call on Tasmania’s Labor and Liberal parties to follow the Greens’ lead and put Tasmania first.”

Croome said Tasmanian independents, Andrew Wilkie and Jacqui Lambie have also expressed reservations about the federal bill and support for Tasmania’s law.

“Many Tasmanians are scratching their heads about why Tasmania’s Labor and Liberal federal members are stepping aside while the Federal Government proposes to vandalise our excellent legislation.”

OIP Staff