Grindr allegedly disappears from multiple app stores in China

Dating and hookup app Grindr has reportedly gone missing from multiple popular app stores in China.

China’s government has been honing in on what they describe as “ill-natured” activities and pornography, which has led to LGBTQIA+ content being censored online and across media platforms.

In a public statement, the government says the crackdown will “create a civilised, healthy, festival and auspicious online atmosphere for the public opinion during the Lunar New Year.”

The campaign is also designed to control online content ahead of the Winter Olympics this month.

In 2021 LGBTQIA+ groups were removed for popular social media app WeChat, disconnecting advocacy and support groups from their communities.

While homosexuality has been decriminalised in China since 1997, there has been no legal recognition of same-gender relationships since that legislative change. Transgender adults may legally affirm their gender from the age of 20, but only if they choose to undergo gender affirmation surgery.

Previously owned by Chinese company Beijing Kunlun Tech Co., Grindr was sold to investors in 2020 after US regulations forced the sale citing concerns about personal data and national security.

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