LGBT groups in China removed from social media platform WeChat

Dozens of LGBT groups in China have had their social media accounts deleted from popular social media platform WeChat.

Many of the accounts were from student based organisations that were helping to support and connect LGBTI students in the world’s most populous nation.

The closure of the accounts sparked fears of a new wave of crackdowns on LGBT groups in the country. The BBC reported on the latest developments.

China decriminalised homosexuality in 1997 but there is still a significant amount of discrimination against gay, lesbian and transgender people.

Student groups have say the loss of their accounts and posts history will not be a deterrent.

“Our activities will not stop due to the closure. On the contrary, we hope to use this opportunity to start again with a continued focus on gender and society, and to embrace courage and love,” Fudan University’s Zhihe Society Fudan University’s Zhihe Society said.

Tsinghua University’s Wudaokou Purple said that although it was “frustrated” that its “years of hard work” had been “burned” at one go, it has only made them closer.

The closed accounts displayed messages saying they had violated the regulations governing the internet in China – although no details of what the violations were was stated.

Surveys suggest there about 70 million LGBT people in China. The pressure on LGBT groups to remain invisible is growing in the country, last year Shanghai Pride, the biggest and longest running Pride group in the country, announced it would be closing down.

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