Gunman’s father gives interview saying he’s relieved his son is not gay

The father of alleged Colorado gunman Anderson Lee Aldrich has given an interview to a US news outlet where he shares that one of the primary concerns he held when he found that his son was accused of being responsible for the mass shooting at a gay nightclub was that his son might be gay.

Readers are advised that this report contains content that may be upsetting.

In an interview with US network CBS8 Aaron Franklin Brink, the estranged father of accused mass murder Anderson Lee Aldrich, said when lawyer’s first contacted him and informed him of his child’s arrest over the shooting his first concern was not for the five people that were killed.

“They started telling me about the incident, a shooting… and then I go on to find out it’s a gay bar.” he told the reporter. “And I think ‘Oh my God, is he gay!’ but he’s not gay so I said ‘Phew”.

Brink, who has previously been a mixed martial arts fighter, an adult film actor, and now describes himself as a conservative Republican, said he did not accept homosexuality.

“I’m a Mormon, a conservative Republican, and I don’t do gay, we don’t do gay.” Brink said.

Brink, who was interviewed outside his home in San Diego, admitted that he hadn’t spoken to his offspring for many years telling reporters that he was under the impression that they had committed suicide years earlier. Brink said he had only recently learned that Aldrich was alive.

Brink said he hadn’t seen Aldrich since he was 10 years old, but they had briefly been back in contact last year.

At first Brink tells reporters he’s not sure of the details of the crime his offspring has been accused of. When they tell him Anderson Lee Aldrich is being charged with killing five people in a gay bar, he responds saying ‘Shit, there’s no excuse for that, but I’m just glad he’s not gay.”

Brink said he understood Aldrich had abandoned his birth name because he didn’t want to be associated with him, outlining that he had been involved in pornographic films and had appeared on the television show Intervention where he discussed his addiction to methylamphetamines.

He went on to describe how as a youngster he’d taught Aldrich to fight using his fists, not weapons.

“There’s no excuse for going and killing people, if you’re killing people there’s something wrong, it’s just not the answer…it’s not socially acceptable.” Brink said.

Brink repeated his views on homosexuality. “Now it’s cool to be gay, it’s not – I think it’s not cool at all, my opinion about gays is it’s not okay, I think we should stand up against homosexuality.”

He finished by saying he felt bad for the families of people who had lost a loved one, but he still hoped it would be found that Aldrich was not responsible for the killings.

Anderson Lee Aldrich makes first court appearance

Aldrich made their first court appearance today via video link where they were slumped over in a wheelchair and they had bruises to their face, they appeared to have difficulty speaking.

Ahead of their appearance Colorado Springs Police Department released a mug shot of Aldrich. They had been held in local hospital for treatment following their arrest but has now been moved to a prison facility.

County Court Judge Charlotte Ankeny order that Aldrich be held without bail. Prosecutors are yet to file formal charges in the case but have said it is likely the charges will include possible hate crime charges.

On Wednesday Aldrich’s lawyers indicated in court submissions that they identify as non-binary and use the honorific Mx. Aldrich’s defense team asked that their client be addressed by they/them pronouns.

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