Hannah Gadsby’s Netflix special ‘Douglas’ arrives next month

International comedy superstar Hannah Gadsby will be making her return to Netflix this May with her latest stand-up special.

Douglas, which Gadsby toured around the globe in 2019, is the follow-up to the Tasmanian comic’s critically-acclaimed Nanette – the show which catapulted the Aussie star into the international spotlight.

“I’m excited,” Gadsby exclaimed in the announcement on Twitter, “…for you to see it.”

“It’s gonna be good! Unless you don’t like it. Then it’s still gonna be good, and you’ll be wrong.”

The queer comedian had originally set her sights on new horizons beyond the world of comedy before the smashing success of Nanette.

“When I wrote the show I was kind of a little bit done with comedy, and now I’ve done it I’m still done with it, but in a more playful way,” Gadsby told OUTinPerth in 2018.

“So I think I might just push it. I’ve got the skills, but I don’t just have to do that.”

Douglas hits Netflix on May 28th.

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