Head Scratch: The things people say


Every now and then, all to often, we stumble across stories that just leaving us scratching our heads in amazement.

Here some recent stories that have left us asking “Are you serious!”

Marriage Equality will lead to people marrying robots

HumansA report in an Indian newspaper The Deccan Post suggests that since the world has begun to embrace gay marriages, by 2050 people will  be marrying robots.

The newspaper quote Adrian Cheok, who is a leading researcher in the field of lovotics – the crossroads of love and robotics.   Cheok says that while marriage to robots is a fair way off, people will probably start living with robots much sooner, and he predicts that robot marriages will have a higher rate of success.

The news originates from a recent conference held in London that explored the idea of robot love. News Corp even tracked down a woman who built herself a robot with a 3D printer and she’s ready to walk down the aisle.

Over at The Christian Post Dr Michael Brown says support for same sex marriage is a vote for robot marriage.

We urge caution though, because we’ve watched both Westworld and Humans.

People are gay because their possessed by ghosts of the opposite gender

A report from an organisation called the Spiritual Research Foundation suggests that the reason some people are gay is because they are possessed by ghosts of the opposite gender to their own.

The group claims that 5% of gay people are same sex attracted because of hormonal imbalances, 10% are gay because they had an enjoyable same sex experience as a teenager, while the remaining 85% percent are mostly possessed by ghosts. Note that they said not completely, just mostly – so there’s some wiggle room.

To remove any ghosts from your body the organisation suggests saying a chant 108 times, twice a day, while pointing at your chakras. The chanting should take about 45 minutes on each occasion.

We’re not completely dismissing this report though, mainly cause we’re hoping the guy pictured below is the ghost inhabiting our souls.

Patrick Swayze

A discussion about the ghosts makes you gay report during our weekly podcast So Loquacious lead to our next story.

Man can make penises grow by rubbing them


In Ghana, the founder of the God’s Way Church, Bishop Daniel Obinim has claimed that he can make a man’s manhood bigger by reciting a blessing and some magical rubbing.

The preachers skills are not just limited to making bigger penises, he also claims he can make breasts and buttocks bigger too. Again, it involves him rubbing the required body part.

In the past the religious leader has claimed, he’s an angel and that he can warg into animals and control them.

While the pastors claims that he can increase the size of genitals is amusing he’s a disturbing character. Back in August Bishop Obinim was arrested after he publicly flogged two teenagers in church claiming they were guilty of fornication. The video of the incident makes disturbing viewing.

Are gays turning straight men into homosexuals with Christmas lights?


A report on the website Liberal Darkness claims gay men have programmed Christmas lights to flash in a sequence that turns straight men queer. This site however is a fake news site and there is no truth to the claim.






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