Hold On To Your Wig: Drag Factory

Brisk winter weather was no match for the queens fiery performances at The Court’s Drag Factory on Wednesday night.

Veronica Jean Jones and Alexas Armstrong tag-teamed the host position, marching out 4 killer local queens to battle it out for cash and glory. This week’s talent included Trisha Lovecock, Rubella, Olive and Lani Del Rey.

The beautiful Lani Del Ray wrenched this week’s crown and top place, though the crowd was only a whisper less loud for runner-up Trisha Lovecock.

Drag Box welcomed 3 very energetic amateur artists to the stage, who all turned out super fun tunes and had the crowd in stitches.

Ms. Armstrong deserves highest accolades for stealing the show with a stellar remove-my-wig-to-reveal-a-second-wig maneuver. She may have whipped that second wig right off of her head too, but Alexas didn’t allow that to shake her as she worked every inch of the stage. Eat your heart out, Roxxxy Andrews.

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