Hugh Sheridan gets honest in essay on sexuality and labels

Australian screen and stage star Hugh Sheridan has offered another piece of himself to the world, publishing an intimate essay addressing his personal journey.

In the piece for The Daily Telegraph‘s Stellar magazine, the Packed to the Rafters star shared that he has been in relationships with men and women, and explains that he felt a duty to help others understand their identities.

“After moving to Sydney to attend NIDA, I finally met a guy who I connected with emotionally, mentally and physically,” Sheridan said.

“I was over the moon. I could finally be what people always wanted me to be, so I told everyone… In return, I was told that if I was anything but straight I’d never find work.”

Sheridan goes on to explain he prefers not to label his sexuality, and hoped his words would help others who prefer not to use any particular identifier.

“I’ve never felt I really knew who I was and I didn’t like the sounds of the labels that people were giving me so I decided to say nothing,” Sheridan continues.

“Lockdown gave me time to reflect and it occurred to me that no-one ever sticks up for people who don’t pick a label.”

“I want to be that person and speak on behalf of people who feel like they’re in that grey area.”

Last year, Sheridan wowed Perth audiences as part of the cast honouring 50 years of Hair, the iconic stage musical celebrating peace, love and freedom.

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