In the future PrEP could be delivered by a once-a-year implant

Rather than a once a day pill, in the future PrEP might be something you only have to think about once a year.

Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) treatments have seen the rate of new transmissions of HIV plummet in areas where the daily medication is readily available. Scientists are now testing more long-term ways of delivering the medication.

By taking the once a day pill, usually the brand version Truvada, people at high risk of contracting HIV are able to protect themselves. Combined with condoms and safe sex practices people can now develop their own strategies for protecting themselves from all sexually transmitted infections.

At the recent AIDS Conference in Mexico City scientists gave an update on the development of a under the skin implant that would protect people for up to one year.

Once of the big question marks over the effectiveness of PrEP has always been with people who struggle to remember to stick to the routine of regularly taking the medication. An implant may be an effective way for this group of people to maintain a suitable level of medication in their system.

A recent double blind trial saw participants being able to maintain an effective level of the medication in their system.

β€œA PrEP implant could provide an attractive option for individuals in whom adherence to a daily PrEP regimen is challenging,” the researchers explained.

β€œAn implant offers another choice for those who might in the future also have pills and injectables available. It could also offer a promising solution to those who face challenges adhering to a daily PrEP regimen,” said Anton Pozniak, who is the International AIDS Society President and IAS 2019 International Scientific Chair.

Additionally another study is measuring the viability of long lasting injections of PrEP rather than a daily pill regime.

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