Indie artist Damien set to release new album in 2022


Indie artist Damien is set to release a new song Love Myself next month. It’s the first taste of an album he’ll have out in 2022.  The single will be out on7th September and Damien’s next album titled, Wrong Age. Wrong Race. Wrong Gender, will be released in 2022.

Love Myself is a dark, heavy, synth driven song, drawing influence from industrial and darkwave artists such as Depeche Mode and Nine Inch Nails.

The new track was written and produced by Damien in his home studio in Ipswich, Queensland, and he performed all the instruments on the song.

Love Myself is written in response to the cliched sentiment that, ‘to love another you must first love yourself’, and is a self-declaration that ‘I do love myself’. The song affirms independence and self-appreciation, but also asserts that our previous partners, irrespective of how toxic they or our relationships were, can also be our teachers, empowering us to become more whole and complete versions of ourselves, by ourselves.” Damien said of the new track.

The album is titled in response to the way that humans, throughout history, have continually discriminated against one another in relation to age, race and gender and continue to do so. Wrong Age. Wrong Race. Wrong Gender , carries an overall theme of coming to terms with one’s own identity and struggles with self-hatred and self-doubt and is directly influenced by Damien’s own experience of himself as a queer, non-binary artist with bi-polar disorder.

Earlier this year Damien released the full length album, Girl, but he’s not wasting any time getting more music out to his fans.


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