How To Be Invisible: Kate Bush to publish collection of lyrics

Music legend Kate Bush is set to release a book of her iconic lyrics in a new compilation.

How To Be Invisible will be Bush’s first publication, collating writings from across four decades of music-making from The Kick Inside to 50 Words for Snow.

The book will feature a foreword from novelist, Bush collaborator and super-fan David Mitchell.

“For millions around the world Kate is way more than another singer-songwriter: she is a creator of musical companions that travel with you through live,” Mitchell said.

“One paradox about her is that while her lyrics are avowedly idiosyncratic, those same lyrics evoke emotions and sensations that feel universal.”

Bush is set to select and arrange the lyrics herself, but it is unclear whether there will be unseen works or a selection of classics.

How To Be Invisible is due to be released later this year.


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