Jack Vidgen reveals his provocative video for ‘Pray’

Jack Vidgen’s new tune is an upbeat dance tune with some very meaningful lyrics. Pray sees Vidgen and his nightlife friends cavorting around a crucifix, and at one stage the singer licks the religious symbol with his tongue.

The lyrics for the song see Vidgen turn around the phrase often used by religious types, saying he’s going to pray for people who don’t accept others for who they are.

“Who are you to tell me what I should do, who are you to tell me who I should do?” Vidgen sings.

When we reach the chorus Vidgen sings ‘So I’m gonna pray for you, cause I aint gonna change for you. I own my own body, don’t you fucking start me, you need to be safe because you’re the fool”

The singer recently participated in the television series I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here where he spoke to his campmates about the online abuse he’s received about his looks, sexuality and career choices.

With this new clip Vidgen is proudly declaring that he’s pretty tough and the comments aren’t going to get to him.

Take a look at the clip. 

OIP Staff

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