Noongar artist Joel Davis releases ethereal debut single ‘Moon Vibes’

Noongar singer/songwriter Joel Davis has just released his debut single.

Dripping with the energy of the late 90s techno and alternative dance anthems of the early 2000s, the gay, genderfluid artist has created something entirely his own with Moon Vibes.

Joel caught up with Leigh Andrew Hill for OUTinPerth and RTRFM’s All Things Queer program for a chat about inspiration, representation and his love for Perth’s queer scene.

“I always grew up loving music. My mornings, definitely on the weekends as a child, started with Rage and Video Hits and too many rounds of toast,” Joel tells us.

Though TV might have sparked his love for music, Joel says he really got in touch with his musical education at Abmusic College.

“Abmusic is an Aboriginal organisation and they teach you how to specify learning one instrument, and for me it was vocals.”

“We basically got to begin our development in musical education, reading music, writing music and also performing, so that’s really where it all began for me.”

Joel dove into his passion for the sounds of his formative years, which has come together in the form of the artist’s debut single – Moon Vibes.

“I think I’ll always repeat the fact that I’ve always loved dance music. To me dance music is just always going to be there. It’s just survived all this time,” Joel continued.

“Sometimes when I begin writing I kind of get a visual in my mind, and I try to write about what that place actually is in a song.

“I kind of saw a night time beach party, kind of secluded and a bit exclusive, but with just really beautiful people.

“Deeply, it’s about being in the midst of a celebration and looking around the room and just being happy with exactly where you are in the moment.”

Joel doesn’t shy away from his inspirations, but he admits his genre bias may have shone through from his subconscious when putting the track together.

“I don’t know why, and it really wasn’t my intention… but when I first heard the track back in its completed state I was like, why am I hearing 90s techno?” he laughs.

“That’s always a soft spot era for me.”

Aside from working on the release of Moon Vibes, Joel recently performed as part of Boorloo Justice’s DECOLONISE event, showcasing local First Nations, Bla(c)k and POC talent.

Looking back to this year’s PrideFEST celebrations, Joel explains why the First Nations focused event is easily the best he’s ever attended.

“I’m turning thirty next year and when I was in high school, literally the only program that featured LGBT characters and representation was Will & Grace,” Joel explains.

“Me being a Noongar identified gay man, it was just like – how am I really going to feel represented here? It’s amazing now how much opportunity, how much representation [we have].

“It’s moments like this where I’m like… this is why I love Perth. Perth is always for the people. I just think that we’re leaders in that natural way.”

Moon Vibes is out now on all streaming services. You can also connect with Joel Davis on FacebookInstagram and YouTube.

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