Jonsi teams up with Elizabeth Fraser for ‘Cannibal’

Icelandic singer Jonsi has teamed up with vocalist Elizabeth Fraser for new tune Cannibal. 

Jonsi is best known as the lead singer of post-rock band Sigur Ros, while Fraser fronted ethereal 80’s outfit Cocteau Twins. Since her band disbanded in the late 1990’s Fraser has collaborated with a wide vartiety of artists including Massive Attack, The Future Sound of London, Peter Gabriel and many others. She has only released a smattering of solo tracks.

Cannibal is the latest offering from Jonsi’s second solo album with comes a decade after his first release. With is acclaimed band Sigur Ros he has recorded  eight albums of material, he’s also created several film soundtracks, and collaborative projects.

In 2019 Jonsi announced he had ended his long term relationship with American producer Alex Somers. The pair had worked together putting out the ambient album Riceboy Sleeps in 2009.

Neither Jonsi or Fraser appear in the video for the beautiful tune, instead they are represented by a captivating pole dancer.

Take a look at the clip.

OIP Staff

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