just.equal raise concerns over Ruddock’s religious freedom inquiry

Australian LGBTI advocacy group just.equal have launched a petition to combat any roll back of anti-discrimination laws following the passage of marriage equality.

The group are concerned that the Prime Minister’s inquiry into religious freedom, led by former Liberal MP Philip Ruddock, may see protections for LGBTI people revoked.

“The current religious freedom movement has nothing to do with genuine freedom and everything to do with punching holes in Australian laws that protect LGBTIQ people and other minorities from discrimination and disadvantage,” just.equal spokesperson Ivan Hinton-Teoh said.

“The threat is too great to be left to lawyers and academics to argue over which is why we are giving every day Australians the opportunity to have their voices heard through our petition.”

Hinton-Teoh added that he believes this is a matter of national values, and that it is un-Australians to allow discrimination against LGBTI people or other minorities.

“Granting legal privileges to discriminate on the grounds of religion potentially disadvantage minority faith, women and interracial couples, as well as LGBTIQ people, so our petition is open to everyone to sign.”

“We believe the best way to protect genuine religious freedom and LGBTIQ equality is for there to be an Australian Charter of Rights.

just.equal will include the petition in their submission to the Ruddock inquiry, which closes on January 31st.

OIP Staff

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