Just.equal seek views on religious and transgender debates


Equality advocates have launched a new LGBTIQ community survey to gauge attitudes to the current religious freedom and transgender debates.

The survey by just.equal is open to LGBTIQ people and their allies and will inform advocates and lobbyists ahead of the likely introduction of federal religious freedom and discrimination legislation.

Just.equal spokesperson, Ivan Hinton-Teoh, said it was important politicians know how the current debate is affecting people.

“Politicians need to know how the current religious freedom and transgender debates are affecting the LGBTIQ community and our allies.”

”Given the Morrison Government’s commitment to positive mental health, we believe it is important to explore the impact the extended debate is having on our community.”

“I urge all LGBTIQ Australians and our allies to participate in the survey, so we can show politicians what impacts their actions have.” Hinton-Teoh said.

Hinton-Teoh said just.equal has a history of conducting surveys to ensure the LGBTIQ community has a say over issues that affect it.

“Going back to the plebiscite, we have sought the views of the LGBTIQ community to ensure they are front-and-centre to our policy direction and the policy direction of law-makers.”

“Our surveys, including the current one, are developed with the assistance of social science researcher, Dr Sharon Dane.”

“A multiple-mode recruitment strategy is used to ensure the survey researchers a broad and diverse sample of the LGBTIQ community.”

Want to share your thoughts, take the survey.

Source: Media Release