Katter Controversy

bob_katter[1]A political candidate for the Bob Katter Australia Party (KAP) has stepped down from candidacy after making comments that were deemed to be homophobic.

Tess Corbett, who was running for a seat in Western Victoria, made comparisons between the LGBT community and paedophiles in an interview with her local newspaper.

Party president Max Menzel confirmed Corbett’s withdrawal, explaining he had accepted her request on behalf of the party.  ‘KAP cannot be used by any member to focus on issues of their own preoccupation’, explained Menzel.

Another KAP member has also been stood down for expressing homophobic views; Queensland Senate candidate Bernard Gaynor stated that he would not want his children to be taught by a gay or lesbian teacher. Gaynor’s comments were made in Corbett’s defence.

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