Ken Wyatt is uncertain about how to personally vote in the marriage survey

Liberal front-bencher Ken Wyatt has shared how he’s gone backwards and forwards on how he should personally vote in the marriage postal survey.

Speaking on the Karvelas program on Sky News, the Assistant Health Minister told Patricia Karvelas that he hadn’t filled out the form yet, but was leaning towards voting ‘no’.

For many years Wyatt described in self as undecided on the issue, but in August 2015 he told OUTinPerth he was taking a position against marriage equality.

Via a spokesperson, Wyatt said he believed marriage was Christian institution that underpinned society.

“Personally Ken does not agree with changing the Marriage Act to reflect marriage between same sex couples. However he believes that any discrimination in accessing any services should be removed.

“Ken believes that retaining the Marriage Act as it currently stands does not prevent or discourage people from entering into same sex relationships, but rather, it is simply his belief that marriage is a Christian institution, which is underpinned by tradition in our community.” a spokesperson told OUTinPerth.

Now the member for Hasluck has shared that he has questioned his position, and while he believes he will select ‘no’ on the form, he has not yet filled it out.

“I haven’t voted yet.” Wyatt said, “I’ve got my envelope there I’ve got to fill it out.”

“I have many constituents who have indicated to me that they don’t support same-sex.” Wyatt said, sharing that he was grappling on his own personal position on the issue.

“I do have family members within my kinship group who are in same sex relationships, and I’ve talked to them and they’ve said ‘whatever you vote, or the way you vote, doesn’t perturb us. Some of them have said they don’t want marriage, a couple of them have said they want the right to marry – and I respect that.

Wyatt said he would “probably” vote no in the marriage survey.

“Ultimately, my leaning is to the ‘no’ case.”

“I think there are some things that are fundamental to Australian society. I know equality and equal-ness is one that we’ve also valued, but there are also some institutions that need to have a solid base associated with them.

“I think ultimately Australia will adopt same-sex marriage, but the way in which the debate has been conducted, the way in which this has evolved, has not been helpful,” Wyatt said. “It’s on that basis that I will probably cast a ‘no’ vote.”

Wyatt said he did not support calls for rapper Macklemore to be banned from singing his tune Same Love at the NRL grand final.

“We’ve got an incredible country in which we can express our opinions on a range of issues, I would rather see it stay that way, where we can listen to whatever it is that we choose to.” Wyatt said.

“If a sporting group or an organisation decided to use an anthem such as thing one, then that’s a choice for people. I’ve heard the song, I don’t have an issue with it.”

Wyatt said the song had only become a focus of attention in the last week because those opposed to same-sex marriage had made it so.

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