Kenyan Clerics say Gay Rights Activism Should be Criminalized


The Kenya Muslim National Advisory Council (KEMNAC) has stated that gay rights activism is dangerous.

Speaking at a press conference in Mombasa, officials from the organisation said that the country’s laws against homosexuality are not strong enough.

“Parliament should enact punitive laws against homosexuality. It is not natural and should not be encouraged,” said KEMNAC chairman Sheikh Juma Ngao.
Secretary General Sheikh Amani Khamis spoke oput against religious leaders who promote gay rights.

“No religion in the world allows gay unions or lesbianism,” he said.
Senior Adviser Sheikh Juma Abdulrazak had this to say:
“We should nip this thing in the bud. There is nothing like gay rights. The only right a man or woman has is to be the man or woman who Allah created”
Sheikh Ngao said that the country should stop taking aid from countries who support gay rights, stating that taking aid from those countries comes with the condition of Kenya supporting gay rights.
“Homosexuals are sick people who need medical attention. The government should construct rehabilitation centres where they can be guided and counselled,” Ngao said.
Sheikh Ngao said that clerics from different religions should collaborate to find ways of ensuring that homosexuality is abolished in Kenya.

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