Ghanaian-Australian sister duo Kinder drop debut EP ‘Yenko’

Ghanaian-Australian singer, songwriter and producer sibling duo Kinder (aka Savannah and Briony Osei) have shared their hotly anticipated EP Yenko.

The four-track EP is defined by generosity of spirit, one that’s imbued with some kind of sisterly magic. There’s a certain alchemical magic that arises when family makes music together and that magic is present in every fibre of Yenko, every ecstatic beat drop and synth arpeggio.

An opportunity for Kinder to celebrate and share the depth of their Ghanaian heritage with the world, the EP is the result of two lives’ worth of soul-searching and self-possession, a testament to Savannah and Briony’s distinct vision.

“The EP has been a real creative voyage, collaborating with different producers on each track. It’s a narrative for where we have come from and feels incredibly cathartic to explore the different themes and musical concepts in this EP,” the sisters said.

“We feel like this is just the very beginning, the first chapter in our journey. Now we just want to throw a party and perform it for you”

Yenko is as much family history as it is a full-blooded heater of a pop record. Come Along (feat. A.GIRL) — a thrilling, festival anthem of a lead single — is vivid in its evocation of a trip Briony and Savannah took to Ghana as children. Lit with the intoxicating glow of nostalgia, Come Along comes alive with detail — kids spinning bottles, a kindly shopkeeper, the feeling of feet on bare concrete. Featuring the traditional Ghanaian instrument – Gyill, it’s a song that seamlessly and beautifully weaves strands of culture together. Club music is rarely so human, so alive — and yet Kinder make it so.

EP highlight Rasta (feat. Gold Fang), built around a rousing vocal chant, tells the story of Savannah and Briony’s father Kofi, known to many as Kofi Rasta because of his love of reggae. A tale of determination and self-belief in the face of a litany of personal tragedies, Rasta channels the wild, lively beauty of Kofi, translating his energetic spirit into the kind of song that he himself could DJ.

Exploring a darker, late night energy that the sisters thrive on at their live shows, Bus Stop, a tale about a character who can’t get off African Time, is effortlessly empowering , ending on a dancefloor climax that enforces the value of forging your path at your own speed.

The title track and EP closer Yenko, is named from a phrase that roughly translates from Twi to Let’s Go and is simply about letting loose. Lyrically and musically this track is Kinder’s party anthem, bringing the EP to a close with organ bass under pumping four-to-the-floor singalong choruses.

Having played the biggest stages on Australia’s EDM circuit and drawing inspiration from club sounds the world over, Savannah and Briony are, with their EP Yenko, primed to become two of the country’s most beloved homegrown stars.

A complex tapestry of personal and musical histories, Yenko is an embodiment of Kinder’s work to date, and a testament to their ability to traverse a multitude of genres.

Yenko is out now!

Image: Rene Vale

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