Kirby Institute announces trans & gender diverse sexual health survey

Australia’s first sexual health survey focused on the transgender and gender diverse community has been revealed by The Kirby Institute.

The Australian Trans and Gender Diverse Sexual Health Survey will be led by transgender and gender diverse professionals and community advocates, to better advise on sexual health policy, relationship support, sex education and more.

Participants in the survey will be asked questions about sexual health, dating, marriage, experience and more to give a snapshot of transgender and gender diverse experiences in this realm.

“Sex and romance are major parts of our lives,” the survey’s website reads, “They impact how we see ourselves, how we relate to others, and they contribute to our overall health and well-being.”

“Given this significance, it is shocking how little is known about the sexual and romantic lives of trans and gender diverse people.”

“We need reliable data that can be used to improve sexual health care, generate relevant sex education, support relationships, and guide policy for Australia’s trans and gender diverse communities.”

Any Australian who is transgender or gender diverse over the age of 16 is welcome to participate. Head to to take part.

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