Kirralie Smith says “Drag Queens are coming for kids!”

kirralie Smith

Kirralie Smith, the director of anti-transgender organisation Binary, has declared that drag queens are coming for people’s children!

In her latest missive posted to her website Smith says drag queens are “setting their sights on little children” and should never been seen outside the confines of a gay bar.

“Drag queens belong in bars and adult entertainment venues where adults can choose to participate if that is their thing,” she said. “They do not belong in child centred environments such as libraires [sic] or on children’s television programs.” Kirralie Smith posted.

Smith’s was set off by news that New York’s Department of Education are working with a local broadcaster to create a new show called Let’s Learn which included a segment where drag performer Little Miss Hot Mess sings a song with children called The Hips on the Drag Queen Go Swish, Swish, Swish, a reworking of the classic The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round.

The segment is based around the performer’s own book of the same name that was released last year. It replaces the traditional verses of the song with new lyrics including “the hair on the drag queen goes up, up, up,” alongside. “the shoes on the drag queen go stomp, stomp, stomp.” and “the fingers on the drag queen go snap, snap, snap”  

Little Miss Hot Mess, who is a founder of the Drag Queen Story Time movement, has previously shared that she was inspired to write her book when she realised so many titled were about bullying.

“It almost makes it feel like, if you’re queer or different, this is what you have to expect,” she said upon the book’s release. “I wanted to write something that had a different message.”

The kids TV segment was criticised earlier this week by Fox News host Tammy Bruce. Appearing on The Tucker Carlson Show, Bruce equated the reading of the children’s story to conversion therapy.

“If we’re against conversion therapy because people can be persuaded, who should be allowed to be themselves, what do you think is happening when you’re talking about this, which is a sexual issue and a gender issue, to 3-8 year olds?” the TV host asked.

Bruce said the LGBTIQ communities needed to “stop going after people’s children.” and suggests that the appropriate age to be exposed to the type of content in the children’s book is 18 years of age. The conservative TV host describes herself as being a bisexual woman who chooses to identify as a lesbian.

Little Miss Hot Mess has responded to the criticism of her appearance

“Whether you like it or not, LGBTQ people are present in all communities, libraries, and schools—whether we’re out, in drag, or living our truths quietly—and children have a right to learn about LGBTQ histories and cultures.” she told Newsweek

“I’m so proud that public institutions like libraries, schools, and yes, local PBS affiliates are indeed celebrating the diversity of public life. And drag offers extra special lessons for kids—it can be about using your imagination, turning your fantasy into a reality by dressing up and playing, and rejecting the boxes you’re put in so we can build a more just, and fabulous, world.”

The drag queen added: “If people don’t like it, they can change the channel, but I’m not going to let them rain on my parade.”

The broadcaster has reported that since the segment aired back in March they have received very few complaints about it’s content.

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