‘La Soirée’ is back with lots of new acts to blow your mind

La Soirée is back at Fringe World this year and they’ve brought a whole new load of amazing artists to entertain you and a few old favourites. OUTinPerth got a sneak peek at some of the puppeteers, singers, sword swallowers and acrobats in the cast.

After three sell-out seasons La Soirée takes up residence at The Ice Cream Factory in Northbridge. The massive venue means that lots of people will get to see the show filled with best cabaret acts from around the world.

Returning to fold is Cabaret Décadanse, who previously visited Perth in 2015. Part of their act, which features giant puppets who are manipulated by two puppeteers, is the amazing soul singer Slinky.

The show also features Mallakamb India, a spectacular Indian pole duo from Mumbai, acrobat Will Meager will be debuting a new act featuring a Cyr Wheel, Lily Martinez returns with her unforgettable handkerchief act, Irina Bessonova and Vladimir Todorashko from the Ukraine will show off their contortion, wire walking and acrobatic skills, while San Francisco born Will Underwood will display the art of the Chinese pole.

Also in the line-up is Ben Lewis who has previously been a core cast member of Circus Oz, Dislocate, Tom Tom Crew and the ever popular Briefs.

Sequined covered rock singer Carla Lippis will bring some hell-raiser swagger to proceedings. She performed one of her numbers for the media yesterday, her voice backed just by an electric guitar – she oozed attitude and raw vocal power.

Originally from Adelaide, Lippis has spent many years working in London and is excited to be back performing in Australia as part of La Soirée. It’s her first time in the show and she said she was thrilled when she got the invitation to join the cast.

“It’s an absolute honour,” Lippis said. “La Soirée is such a prestigious circus variety show that has travelled all over the world. To be part of it is absolutely beautiful.”

“What I love about La Soiree is it’s ‘all killer- no filler’. You can see this show every time it comes and know that you’re going to get something different. That’s why it’s so brilliant, they bring all these amazing acts from all over the world.”      

Lippius described her part in the show as the Diva of Destruction. “I love my rock n’ roll, but I do rock n’ roll in sequins.”

Another Australian in the international cast in Perth’s own Lucky Hell. Having toured the world and spent time being based in Helsinki, Paris and Macau, Lucky Hell has established herself as the best sword swallower in the game. We watched her devour several swords at one, it was quite a feat!

Rounding out the cast is the very handsome brothers Alejandro and Ricardo Rossi who perform as Fratelli Rossi. They’re sixth generation circus performers from Italy who use their feet to balance and flip each other in the air.

They’re energetic act will leave you stunned as they throw each other around like they were rag dolls…very buff and fit rag dolls.

La Soiree is at The Ice Cream Factory in Northbridge from 17th January to 3rd March, tickets are available from Fringe World.  

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