Labor says sexuality and gender questions should have been in the census

just.equal Australia has welcomed support from Shadow Assistant Treasurer Stephen Jones for counting LGBTIQA+ people in the Census.

Jones, whose portfolio covers the Bureau of Statistics and the Census, made the comment following a call from just.equal Australia on Friday for Labor to reveal its policy on the issue.

Labor’s stance contrasts with the Federal Government’s opposition to counting LGBTIQA+ people in the 2021 Census to be held tomorrow.

just.equal Australia spokesperson, Dr Charlie Burton, said while it was too late for the current census it was important that next census in 2026 asks different questions.

“We are now hopeful that Labor, if elected, will ensure LGBTIQA+ people are counted in the 2026 Census.”

“We look forward to working with other LGBTIQA+ community groups to make sure Labor sticks to its commitment.”

“It is vital we understand the demographic profile of LGBTIQA+ Australians so governments and community organisations can develop better policies and plans for delivering their services.”

“Three simple questions about sexual orientation, gender identity and sex characteristics would allow the Bureau of Statistics to develop that demographic profile.”

Stephen Jones told the Illawarra Mercury that LGBTQIA+ people “should have been counted in this Census.”

“The Census should be a snapshot of what our community looks like, not what we think it looks like”, he said.

Meanwhile, the Statistical Society of Australia, a national body for professionals working with statistics, has signed on to the Census Declaration initiated by just.equal Australia.

Dr Burton welcomed the SSA’s sign-on saying it shows the idea of counting LGBTIQA+ people in the Census has increasing support.

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