Labor’s Shayne Neumann now supports marriage equality

pageQueensland MP Shayne Neumann has apparently changed his mind about his support for marriage equality.

Earlier in 2015 Mr Neumann said he had a long held position supporting traditional marriage, but recent discussion with advocates in his electorate have persuaded him to change his mind.

Last month Mr Neumann, who is a member of Labor’s right faction, conceded that there has been a big change of public opinion on the issue.

Australian Marriage Equality, the elading organisation lobbying for the national’s marriage laws to be changed welcomed Mr Neumann’s declaration.

“Across the nation MPs are listening to the personal stories of their constituents and realising why marriage equality matters,” AME National Director Rodney Croome said, welcoming Mr Meumann’s change of heart.

The addition of the Queensland MP means that only five more politicians are needed to add their support for a majority to be achieved in the House of Representatives.

Marriage Equality advocates are hoping that by showing that a majority of MPs support change, combined with the high level of public support – Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will be persuaded to allow a change via a parliamentary vote rather that an expensive plebiscite.

OIP Staff



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