Legislation to ban conversion therapy introduced in the ACT

Legislation to ban conversion therapy in the Australian Capital Territory have been formally introduced into the territory’s parliament.

The legislation is being introduced two years after Chief Minister Andrew Barr’s government announced their intention to address the issue.

Under the proposed legislation, people would face fines of up to $24,000 and 12 months’ imprisonment for performing a “sexuality or gender identity conversion therapy” on a child or individual with an impaired decision-making ability.

The offence would not allow any exemption for parents who wanted to submit their children to such therapeutic treatments, and would also apply if they took their children out of the state for any treatment.

The legislation would not outlaw practices which help people express their “gender identity” or that person’s “coping skills, social support or identity exploration and development”.

The introduction of laws into the ACT comes as Queensland became the first jurisdiction to introduce laws against conversion therapy.

OIP Staff 

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