LGBTI advocate and reality star Jordan Bruno abused, attacked in Perth

Jordan Bruno 2

My Kitchen Rules alum and local LGBTI advocate Jordan Bruno has recounted a violent attack on himself while driving through Perth last night, posting about the experience on Facebook.

“Last night I was driving home when I got cut off by another car on Ocean Reef road. Four drugged white men ran from the vehicle in front of me with bats and bottles, and started to smash my car, and myself (I think they thought I was someone else). They smashed in my passenger window, my door and started to punch my face several times (causing the back of my chair to break from force). They called me a faggot (not that they knew I was gay, I think) and a cunt, and one even tried to put my car into park to prevent me from driving off,” Bruno wrote.

“I eventually managed to get my car (Betty) into reverse, and then managed to do a u-turn across the center of the road while calling the police. They all hoped back into their car and started to chase me, trying to ram me with their car, causing me to swerve off the road smashing curbs with my little Suburu. I was petrified I was going to get a flat tyre as I had to avoid their car six times until the police arrived (over 25 minutes),” he continued.

Bruno, who said the encounter was the scariest moment of his life, says he was fortunate to make it out of the situation mostly unharmed.

“Once the police came over, took photos and conducted a report… I cried myself to sleep while feeling weak. Today I’m feeling stronger than ever and more motivated to push for what I believe in, sometimes you need a little reminder that life is not promised or guaranteed.”

“Do what you love and fight for what you believe in! There is no way I’m leaving this Earth without marriage equality being legal in Australia, and seeing my Mum cry at my wedding day.”

Bruno will appear on tonight’s episode of Today Tonight on Channel 7 at 6:30pm.

OIP Staff