LGBTI advocates urge politicians to discount the veracity of Binary survey

Equality Tasmania say they’ve recently written to federal and state MPs exposing bias in a recent opinion poll released by anti-transgender group, Binary.

Binary says its poll shows Australians want legislation to enshrine the right of parents to remove children from classes dealing with gender identity and will vote for political candidates who support such legislation.

But Equality Tasmania spokesperson, Charlie Burton, said the report is biased and designed to deliver a result critical of transgender and gender diverse people.

“Binary’s deeply biased questions are designed to return the most negative result possible for transgender and gender diverse people.

“We have written to key federal and state MPs exposing this bias so that Binary’s polling is given the short shrift it deserves.”

The Binary poll was reported in The Australian on May 19th, two months earlier concern was raised about the poll when people reported being asked leading questions by a phone survey. The organisation was challenged to release the full survey.

OUTinPerth has seen a copy of Binary’s full report, and while it claims to be independently weighted and analysed, it does not reveal which polling company conducted the research or if any lead-in questions were asked alongside the published results.

Advocates recommend politicians would be better off spending their time reading research conducted by Perth’s Telethon Kids Institute.

The 2017 Trans Pathways study, the largest study of the mental health of young transgender and gender diverse people in Australia, found four out of five trans young people have engaged in self-harm. It recommended more inclusive and supportive school environments.

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