Binary challenged to release full survey

Anti-transgender organisation Binary has been challenged to release the full details of their survey which they claim shows Australian parents are overwhelmingly opposed to their children learning about the experiences of people who are transgender.

The Australian newspaper published the results of the poll on the eve of International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Intersexism and Transphobia (IDAHoBIT).

According to The Australian a poll of 3,842 parents across Australia shows strong opposition to children learning about gender fluidity in classrooms, with 88 per cent of coalition supporters, and 72 per cent of Labor voters voicing their opposition.

While the full details of the survey have not been made available, Bernard Lane, The Australian’s reporter dedicated to covering gender issues says that around 80 per cent of young people “around the age of marriage” are concerned that teachers are telling children they can change their gender based on how they feel.

The report claims concern strongest in Queensland and Western Australia, but not as strong in Victoria. The report also suggests that increasing numbers of young people accessing professionals for assistant with gender incongruence is linked to the anti-bullying Safe Schools program.

LGBTI advocates have challenged Smith to release the full details of the survey, including the questions that were asked of respondents.

Equality Tasmania spokesperson, Rodney Croome, said people deserved to see the full details of what was asked of the respondents.

“We challenge Binary to release its survey questions because Australians deserve to see what was asked.””

Croome said it was concerning that people had reported an anonymous telephone survey in March that featured biased questions.

“If the questions were the same as those asked anonymously in early March by a Sydney-based company then they should be completely disregarded because they were designed to return a result very unfavourable to transgender and gender diverse people.” Croome said.

Croome accused Binary of bias and said its survey is fear-mongering that tilts at windmills.

“Binary grew out of the No campaign against marriage equality and its spokesperson, Kirralie Smith, was a leading voice for that campaign, so we cannot expect Binary or Ms Smith to be even-handed.”

“Binary’s survey tilts at windmills by declaring schools teach students they can change gender identity when in fact teachers and students are learning how to be more inclusive of transgender and gender diverse students.”

“Transgender and gender diverse young people deserve support and inclusion, not the kind of divisive, politicised fear-mongering we see from groups like Binary.” Croome said.

Binary have not released any details of their survey beyond what has been published in The Australian, but back in April CEO Kirralie Smith offered supporters a first look at the results if they donated funds to the organisation.

The organisation has also voiced it’s opposition to the IDAHoBiT Day, saying it will see many organisations “ramming rainbows down everyone’s throats.”

Smith said words like homophobia, biphobia and transphobia were “made-up words” that were designed to silence difference of opinion, and events marking the day would see people who held difference views being excluded and ostracised.

“Politicians will prattle on and pledge support to fight these fantasy-based phobias while oppressing the majority of the population who live in reality.” Smith said on the organisation’s website.

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