LGBTI rights campaigner Peter Tatchell safely leaves Russia

LGBTI rights activist Peter Tatchell has successfully left Russia following his recent arrest for highlighting Russia’s anti-gay propaganda laws and unanswered questions about the purge of gay men in the Chechen region.

Tatchell was briefly arrested after staging his one man protest on 14th June, he had been scheduled to appear in court on 26th June. Tatchell said he was given permission to leave the country before his court date and is now safely back in the United Kingdom.

The activist said he was proud to have gone to Russia and supported the work of local LGBTI rights activists. Russia’s stance on LGBTI rights has been highlighted as the country hosts soccer’s World Cup.

A French couple visiting the country for the event ended up in hospital after they were attacked and robbed by a group of men. FIFA is also investigating Mexican fans who reportedly chanted homophobic slurs while their team played against Germany on Sunday.

OIP Staff