Liberal members complain after receiving Marriage Alliance emails


The NSW Liberal party has confirmed it has been receiving complaints from members and former members regarding unsolicited emails from the Marriage Alliance.

Liberal members are concerned that their personal details have been passed on to the lobby group without their permission.

The emails which are allegedly from the group’s spokesperson Sophie York include accusations that the Labor party has asked politicians against marriage equality to leave the party, and claims that proposed marriage equality legislation will curb religious freedom.

The emails ask people to donate money to the Marriage Alliance.

The Guardian has reported that many people who are receiving the emails have never had any interaction with the marriage alliance but have in the past being members of the Liberal party.

Despite it’s claims that it’s an apolitical organisation The Marriage Alliance has strong links to the Liberal Party.

Spokesperson Sophie York has previously run as a Liberal candidate. While Director Marriage Alliance’s director Ashley Goldsworthy is a former president of the Liberal party.

OIP Staff

The Marriage Alliance was contacted for comment.

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