Liberal party says it’s nonsense to suggest it’s been infiltrated by Christians

The Australian newspaper has highlighted the significant number of candidates for the Liberal party in this weekend’s state election who previously stood for religious based parties such as the Australian Christians, Christian Democrats and Family First.

A party spokesperson has dismissed suggestions that the party has been taken over by right-wing Christian factions saying it was “Labor nonsense” that it rejected ­“entirely”.

Among those standing for the Liberal party are Ka-ren Chew who stood for the Christian Democrats in 2005, 2008 and 2013. Victoria Park candidate Amanda-Sue Markham previously ran for the party in 2001, but subsequently switched to the Liberals running for seats in Tasmania in 206 and 2019.

Phil Twiss ran for the Australian Christians in the 2016 federal election, while Owen Muller was a candidate in 2013 federal election. Greg Halls who is another upper house candidate previously stood for Family First.

Additionally Upper House MP, Liberal powerbroker, Nick Goiran was a member of the Australian Christians before joining the Liberal party and his parents have stood for the Australian Christians in multiple elections.

During the election campaign Liberal leader Zak Kirkup has blocked the media from asking candidates with religious backgrounds questions about their views on LGBTI issues.

An unnamed MP told The Australian that there was growing concern within the party that non-Christians would not stand for pre-selection. The MP said the party previously encompassed a wide-range of people and views, but was taking on an increasingly narrower outlook.

OIP Staff

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