Lisa Baker Calls on WA Parliament to Legislate on Marriage Equality

Lisa BakerLisa Baker, the state Labor member for Maylands has called on her state parliamentary colleagues to  a cross-party working group to investigate Western Australia’s potential to develop a marriage equality bill.

Speaking in parliament yesterday Baker said the time had come for marriage equality to be granted to LGBTI Western Australian’s who had fought long and hard for equality.

“Marriage equality has come of age. Key nations have either already adopted similar legislation, or are in the process of achieving such legislation,” said Baker.

“The majority of Western Australians support marriage equality, yet our Government has yet to stand up and act on this support.”

Baker said LGBTI couples and their families should not be regarded as inferior.

“There are many LGBTI couples in our State who are in committed relationships and raising happy, healthy families.”

Ms Baker said the New South Wales State Government recently established that the Australian Constitution does not prohibit them from legislating on marriage equality.

“This important work must be completed by a parliament rather than a party,” said Baker, “Marriage equality is so important that it requires cross-party support, and cross-party action.

Baker called on all members on the Western Australian parliament to work together to resolve the issue by achieving marriage equality.

Earlier this week Greens MLC Lynn MacLaren reiterated that The Greens were committed to introducing state based marriage equality legislation if it is not successfully brought in at a federal level.

Graeme Watson


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