Lord Mayor Supports Rainbow Demonstration


Photo courtesy of Neil Buckley

Advocates for LGBTI rights gathered outside the Council House this morning to campaign for marriage equality. With the permission and attendance of the Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi, the group chalked up a temporary rainbow at the entrance.

Scaffidi came down to show her support for marriage equality, taking pictures with the organisers whilst expressing that ‘it’s all about equality’.

One of the advocates, Neil Buckley, claims that Liberal MP Eleni Evengel turned down requests for the rainbow chalk demonstrations to take place outside her offices. Other advocates confirmed Evengels stance, stating that the Liberal MP explained she would be encouraging ‘vandalism’ in allowing the demonstration to take place.

However, a spokesperson for the Member for Perth denied that vandalism was a concern explaining that while Evangel is in support of marriage equality she was unable to gain the permission of the building’s owner.

Buckley explained the urgent need to legislate equal love, “Something needs to happen soon, with all this violence happening in France, the longer it’s left unresolved, the more people on both sides are getting fed up.”

“We’re reasonable human beings that want to get married.”

Nadine Walker

Update: 12:00 05-06-13 Comments from Eleni Evangel’s office added

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