What We Love: The Lists 2013

The Lists 2013Each year we ask you, our readers what you think are the best places to eat, drink and shop. Plus we get your take on which venues you love, which drag performers are heaven, which DJ’s are pumping and which local community members deserve our respect. Here are the results for 2013.

Best Place To Eat

1.            The Court Hotel

2.            The Moon Cafe

3.            Hippo Creek

4.            Greenhouse

5.            Nobu

Last Year’s Winner: The Moon Café


The Best Place to Get a Drink

1.            The Court Hotel

2.            Connections Night Club

3.            The Mechanics Institute

4.            The Queens

5.            Clancy’s Fish Pub

Last Year’s Winner: The Court Hotel


Best Place to Spend Money

1.            For Play and Pleasure

2.            David Jones

3.            The Apple Store

4.            Planet

5.            General Pants Co

Last Year’s Winner: MYER


The Best Place to Get Breakfast

1.            Dome Café

2.            Sayers in Leederville

3.            McDonalds

4.            Riffo’s in Maylands

5.            Mary Street Bakery in Mount Lawley

Last Years Winner: MilkD


Best Local Drag Queen

1.            Hannah Conda

2.            Barbie Q

3.            Feminem the Future

4.            Veronica Jean Jones

5.            Fay Rocious

Last Year’s Winner: Hannah Conda

Our Favourite DJ

1.            Timbee

2.            Feminem the Future

3.            Curlee

4.            Tasty

5.            P Lilly

Last Year’s Winner: Timbee


Best Event

1.            Pride Parade

2.            Celebration

3.            Queen of the Court

4.            The Court’s Pride Party

5.            BIG at Connections

Last Year’s Winner: Pride Fairday


Tune of the Year

1.            Applause by Lady Gaga

2.            Roar by Katy Perry

3.            Work Bitch by Britney Spears

4.            We Can’t Stop by Miley Cyrus

5.            I Don’t Care by Icona Pop

Last Year’s Winner: Titanium by David Guetta and Sia


Most Outstanding Local Person

1.            Hannah Conda

2.            Nana Neil

3.            Barbie Q

Mayor Lisa Scaffidi

5.            DJ Timbee

Last Year’s Winner: Lynn MacLaren


The Most Inspirational Person In the World

1.            Lady Gaga

2.            Ellen DeGeneres

3.            Miley Cyrus

4.            President Barrack Obama

5.            Beyonce

Last Year’s Winner: Barrack Obama


What do you think of the results? Do you agree with the other readers of OUTinPerth? Share your thoughts in the comments section below or on our Facebook page.