Love musicals? Do you just wanna sing your heart out?

Do you love musicals? Are you the kind of person who sings at the top of your lungs when your alone in your car or under the shower?

Would you sing your heart out at a silent disco, but never be seen dead at a karaoke event?

Singalong events are taking the world by storm, with shows such as the UK’s ‘Massaoke’ gaining hugely in popularity in the last year alone. Singing in a crowd is a mountain of fun, there’s safety in numbers, especially when your ability to stay in tune is completely irrelevant.

With this in mind, music theatre mega-fan and veteran band promoter Wendell Parnell has created the first singalong event West End Vs Broadway by his Sing Out Loud venture.

Announcing the new event Parnell said it will be an incredible night of massive hits from music theatre productions spanning the last three decades.

“I’ve seen firsthand what happens when you put a room of people together for a night of singing their hearts out to these songs. It’s utterly incredible, people have the time of their lives. I’ve seen
Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Phantom of the Opera more than 50 times, Les Misérables 23 times and Miss Saigon 19 times, it made sense for me to present West End Vs Broadway in this interactive way.

“There will be prizes for the best dressed, we’re suggesting people come as their favourite music theatre character. All you need to do is come along prepared to sing – and no, the singing doesn’t have to be good…just loud!” Parnell said.

Bourby Webster, Founder and Director of North Street Music and long-time mentee of Wendell said the science behind people singing together is incredible, our cells transform when we sing.

“We have a very ailing world right now with people suffering from anxiety, loneliness and lack of connection and we’re more isolated than ever before. Humans are not only designed to sing, but to sing together and when we do, our brains change for the better. If can get the world singing, magic will happen,” Webster said.

The event features DJs Al Black and Ian Falk as the Masters of Ceremonies. It is an evening bursting with well known and loved songs from Les Misérables, Phantom of the Opera, Wicked, Mamma Mia, Lion King and more.

Everyone is encouraged to sing along to and for those who might be rusty, the lyrics will be shown on big screens.

Sing Out Loud presents West End Vs Broadway at The Camfield Bar, Burswood Park Friday 27th October 2023. Tickets are on sale from Eventbite.

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