Lucy Gichuhi: Australia shouldn’t rush to follow countries that allow marriage equality

Independent Senator Lucy Gichuhi has shared her thoughts on the marriage equality debate. Warning that Australia should look at all the countries in the world that have not endorsed marriage equality, rather that feeling we’re being left behind in comparison to nations like Britain, the USA and Germany.

“Just because England or American or Germany have altered this law doesn’t mean Australian needs to follow.” the South Australian senator said in a lengthy statement.

Senator Gichuhi joined the Senator after Family First’s Senator Bob Day was disqualified. When Family First was absorbed by Cory Bernardi’s Australian Conservatives, Gichuhi chose to sit as an independent.

Australia would lose the respect of other nations according to Senator Gichuhi because 90% of the world does not support same-sex marriage.

The senator said allowing same-sex marriage would alter Australia’s moral compass.

Senator Gichuhi, who emigrated to Australia from Kenya, said she had never considered same-sex marriage before she arrived in Australia because she came from a culture where sexuality was not discussed, but her view on the topic was the first thing she was asked when she became a senator.

In her long statement, the Senator said that according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics only 3% of the Australian population identify as being LGBT, but said everyone should look to find common ground.

“Let us transcend culture, religion and sexuality by doing unto others what you would have them do unto you. By applying this principle, we will be providing a common ground for seeking justice, freedom of belief, choice and conscience, reconciliation and conflict resolution.”

The senator argued that every member of Australian society needs to have a say in the debate.

“In the current debate every Australian needs to have a say because of the potential of unforeseen and unintended consequences that could come from this change. It is about the impact on the whole of Australian society.”

Senator Gichuhi said people should consider what Australian society will look like in decades to come if the marriage act is changed.

“There is pressure on the Federal Government to redefine marriage. This may not necessarily reflect the views of all Australians. If we experiment with marriage this time around, what is next? How far is too far? What will society look like in 4 or 5 generations to come?”

In conclusion the senator said we should not ‘disturb ancient stones’.

“Let us not remove or disturb the ancient stones our founding fathers laid. We are not just trying to fit in. We are trying to show the rest of the world how to preserve a country for generations to come by preserving the lowest civil unit – the family. There is a better way to negotiate than through intimidation and domination.”

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