Lyle Shelton fails to make it into the NSW parliament

Lyle Shelton

Lyle Shelton, former head of the Australian Christian Lobby, has failed to gain a seat in the NSW parliament.

While it usually takes a few weeks for the results of the upper house to be clear, after the initial numbers came through last night showing a huge win for the Australian Labor Party, Shelton said it was clear he would not be getting elected.

Shelton stood as an independent candidate because his current party Family First is not registered in New South Wales. He previously stood unsuccessfully at the 2019 federal election for the Australian Conservatives. After that party was wound up be briefly joined Fred Nile’s Christian Democrats but after a falling out with Nile, moved over to Family First.

Prior to launching his political career Shelton headed the NO Campaign against marriage equality. He was head of the Australian Christian Lobby from 2013 until 2018.

Shelton’s NSW election campaign largely focused on defunding the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, bringing in strict definitions of who can be described as a woman, opposing bans to conversion therapy and opposing affirmation models of treatment for young transgender people.

In a statement Shelton said his campaign in the NSW election had been an important step in rebuilding the Family First party. He said the party would now be focusing on registering in New South Wales and preparing for the 2024 election ins Queensland, ACT and the Northern Territory.

Last year Shelton appeared before the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal over a case which saw him sued for vilification. Two drag performers Dwayne Hill and Johnny Valkyrie lodged a complaint over online posts published by Shelton about a Drag Queen Storytime event. A decision has not yet been handed down in the case.

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