Man On Man: The Final Scores

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The time has come for the final scores of Man On Man, OUTinPerth’s footy tipping competition, to be revealed. If you’ve been keeping up with the scores thus far, the final results may surprise you.

Use your time reading this sentence to mentally play a drum roll as your eyes draw ever closer to our tipsters’ final destinies:

The Table

In last place was Famous Sharron, whose undeniable fabulousness sadly could not keep her afloat in this competition. She was bested by TimBee in second last place and Claire Alexander at third last. In an impressive show of solidarity, RTRfm’s Paul Van Lieshout, The Court Hotel’s Bree Maddox, OUTinPerth’s esteemed editor Graeme Watson and his wily sidekick, journalist Sophie Joske all drew in eleventh place.

Just sneaking into the top ten is the ever glamorous Andie Michelle, with Connections’ own Matty Grose thwarting her with just one point. RyWri took a heroic 8th place, just behind two of Perth’s most well known drag queens: Barbie Q and Hannah Conda. Miss Q vanquished the feisty Hannah Conda by a slim two point margin.

Neil from the Court Hotel made it into 5th place, bested by dynamic duo Oskar and his feline compadre Mmr. OUTinPerth’s Business Manager Ryan Boldison took out the top spot of the office in overall third. But who took out the final two places?!

While Jemma from the Court Hotel valiantly kept the lead for 17 weeks, the top spot has been stolen out from underneath her. Who is this mysterious bandit, I hear you ask? There were not one but two cunning victors: Sav from Workout Savvy proving her savviness once and for all IN A TIE with Mr. Gay Aussie Selfies himself, Wayne.

Drawing on 133 points, Wayne and Sav must now be locked inside a shipping container to fight to the death with only a pair of sandals for weapons, as per AFL tipping tradition.

Congratulations to all our tipsters on a season well done!

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