Marijke Rancie apologises for comments about LGBTIQ youth worker

Political commentator Marijke Rancie has apologised for comments she made about an LGBTIQ+ youth worker.

Rancie, who posts online as Political Posting Mumma, was one of the faces of the Coalition for Marriage’s campaign against allowing marriage equality in Australia. Rancie is a vocal opponent of marriage equality and the Safe Schools anti-bullying program.

Back in 2017 Rancie was voicing her opposition to queer youth support agency Minus 18 and took exception to their then events producer Delsi Moleta, who is also known as Delsi Cat.

Rancie highlighted images from the employees personal Facebook page and focused on an image where Moleta was wearing a mesh top and her nipple was visible. The activist made a number of disparaging comments about Moleta in relation to the image.

Moleta sued Rancie for defamation. The pair have now reached an out-of-court settlement, which has resulted in Rancie issuing a public apology that will stay pinned to the top of her page for 60 days.

In the apology Rancie says she is sorry for the post and the comments it inspired.

“If my posts encouraged others to attack Ms Moleta, I regret this conduct and the damage caused,” Rancie wrote.

“I sincerely and unreservedly apologise to Ms Moleta for any hurt, embarrassment or damage which the posts and comments have caused to her and to her personal and professional reputations.”

The activist’s apology comes just weeks after she declared there was no way she’d be backing down in the face of legal action.

OIP Staff