Mark McGowan vows to govern for all Western Australians

A triumphant Mark McGowan claimed victory in the Western Australian election thanking those who voted for his party, including the many people who probably “voted Labor for the first time in the lives”

As the tallies flowed in on Saturday it quickly became clear not only was the McGowan government going to be returned for a second term, a result that was universally predicted, they were going to be returned with the historic number of seats.

“To every last West Australian who voted to re-elect this WA Labor government – thank you so much.” the Premier said. “To have the support and faith of so many Western Australians, in one of the most important state election, is a great honour. Can I also thank those people who voted Labor for the first time in their lives across Western Australia.”

“The magnitude of what has happened today is not lost on me, but with it comes great responsibility. We will continue to deliver stable, competent, responsible and caring government for all West Australians.”

The Premier’s address was directed not just at those who supported his team, but also those who supported other parties. McGowan promised as Premier he would be committed to working for everyone.

Surrounded by his wife and three children McGowan thanked Western Australians for their support through the Covid-19 crisis and said the future focus was now on building new infrastructure, creating jobs and improving education, alongside keeping the state safe and strong.

The Premier also wished the many opposition MPs leaving the parliament bright futures, and thanked them for their contributions.

“We may be political opponents but our democracy should always be based on decency, civility, respect for one and other, and acknowledging one and other.” McGowan said.

The McGowan government is set to be with a record breaking 52 seats, with the Liberal party reduced to possibly only two or three representatives in the lower house. The National Party is in-line to take over as the official opposition with four members.

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