Marriage Alliance launch new ad campaign

Fullscreen capture 6092015 104427 AMThe Marriage Alliance, the pro-marriage group behind the recent ‘marriage iceberg’ advertisements has launched a new campaign arguing against children raised without a father in the household are more likely to become rapists, dropouts, end up in drug rehab or youth prisons, be suicidal or end up homeless.

Alongside the statistical claims are images of children behind bars, taking drugs and creating graffiti.

The new video campaign that was posted on YouTube ahead of Father’s Day cites statistics from the USA and includes a clip of Barrack Obama, President of the USA saying he had a “hole in the heart” growing up without a male figure in his household.


The advertisement claims that same-sex marriage rejects the necessity of fathers and ends with the tag line ‘Some children will never celebrate Fathers Day.

The Marriage Alliance describes society as only just starting to realise the ramifications of allowing IVF in Australia.

“Only now is society needing to deal with adults created 20 years ago in a test tube. There are thousands living with the emptiness and seeking a connection.” said the group in the video’s description.

Australian Marriage Equality has labeled the advertisement “extreme” and “stigmatising’. National Director Rodney Croome said the advertisement using statistics out of context.

“This ad seeks to hijack Fathers Day by importing the most extreme elements from the American anti-equality campaign into the Australian debate.” Mr Croome said.

“The Marriage Alliance is drawing the longest bow possible, trying and failing to link kids raised in disadvantaged homes in America with loving, committed same-sex couples marrying in Australia.”

Mr Croome said the advertisement is more likely to encourage more people to support reform of Australian marriage laws.

“This video shows how threadbare the case against marriage equality is, and if anything will encourage even more Australians to support the reform.”

“We call on the Marriage Alliance to use facts instead of fear, and urge it to take responsibility for the way this campaign stigmatises same-sex couples and their families.”

“Australians know that a loving and stable home is what is most important for kids. Studies show children raised by same-sex couples fair just as well as other children.”

Graeme Watson

The Marriage Alliance was contacted for comment. 




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