Mathias Cormann not opposed to Cory Bernardi rejoining the Liberals

Finance Minister Mathias Cormann has declared that he’d happily welcome back South Australian senator Cory Bernardi into the Liberal party ranks, despite Bernardi’s decision to abandon the party just six months after the 2016 election.

“I’m always like to see members in the senate join the Liberal Nation team.” Cormann told Sky News this morning.

The senator said the decision to welcome senator Bernardi back into the party however was one for the Liberals in his home state of South Australia.

Yesterday Senator Bernardi, who heads his own party the Australian Conservatives, said he was interested in returning to the Liberal party.

Bernardi said he found the party more appealing now that Scott Morrison was the leader of the party, describing his as a “man of faith” and a “relentless campaigner”.

Senator Bernardi has a six year term in the senate and did not have to face voters at the 2019 election. He would stand a far greater chance of being re-elected in 2022 if he was on the Liberal ticket. In the 2019 election his party failed to win any places.

OIP Staff

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