May 24 is Pansexual & Panromantic Visibility Day

Pansexual and Panromantic Visibility Day is celebrated on May 24 around the world, an occasion to show solidarity and learn more about pan-identifying folks.

Pansexuality can be described as someone who is attracted to any gender, or rather that gender has no bearing on who they are attracted to or fall in love with.

Falling under the umbrella of bisexuality or bi+, with bisexual meaning attracted to more than one gender. The two terms co-exist, and many people use both labels to describe themselves.

Some of the most visible pansexuals include the inimitable Miley Cyrus, Arrested Development and Avatar: The Last Airbender star Mae Whitman, British rock god Yungblud and the one and only Janelle Monáe.

Pansexuality is becoming a much more commonly used identifier among young LGBTQIA+ Australians. La Trobe University’s Writing Themselves In 4 report found that 11.2% of young LGBTQIA+ Australians identified with the term, compared with lesbian at 12%, bisexual at 33.8%, queer at 8.4% and gay at 16.6%.

The survey also found that pansexual folks were the least likely to feel supported by classmates in school. Pansexual people were also near invisible in all levels of education, with four-fifths of respondents noting pan folks were never mentioned in an inclusive way.

Pansexual young people, along with gay and queer identifying participants, also reported higher levels of harassment than other LGBTQIA+ folks, and experienced poorer mental health outcomes than many of their peers.

Young pansexual and panromantic respondents shared ways they can improve their mental health and wellbeing, including affirmation from others and within, finding romantic connections, connection with friends and family, achieving and having an influence / making a difference in the world.

Here in WA, pan folks can get involved with Bi+ Community Perth to connect, find events and celebrate with community.

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