Media organisations share dubious story of a transgender doll

A dubious news report suggesting that a transgender doll has been found in a toy shop has been shared by anti-transgender campaigners and right wing news organisations.

Mainstream media organisations including Daily Mail Australia and Britain’s The Sun have also shared the story leading to thousands of people sharing their articles online.

The report claims that the new toy was spotted in a toy store Planeta Igrushek in Novosibirsk, Siberia. Despite Russia’s strict laws against the LGBTIQ community, apparently it’s the location of the new toys roll out.

The validity report was first questioned by Destiny Rogers at Queensland’s Q-News who published an article outlining how unlikely the story was.

The shop lists 45 pages of different dolls on their website but none match the doll featured in the images, leading to speculation that the report may not be bona fide.

That hasn’t stop the report from being widely re-published on news sites including The Pluralist, The Blaze and The Post Millennial. 

The only source for the story is an Instagram post that claims the toy was bought in the Siberian store.

OIP Staff