Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital voices support for gender clinic

Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital has publicly voiced its support for the research and work done by its gender clinic.

Chairman the Hon Rob Knowles and CEO John Stanway have published an open letter saying the hospital is proud to deliver a Gender Service recognised as one of the world’s best.

“Our team are considered leaders in their field. They are respected for their clinical and academic work but, most importantly, for their commitment to the young people in their care.

“Our treatment guidelines have been peer reviewed at the highest level, published in the Medical Journal of Australia and adopted by healthcare providers across Australia and the globe. The treatment we deliver on a daily basis is based on the best available medical evidence and in line with international best practice.

“Gender dysphoria is a recognised medical condition with a debilitating impact. Children with this condition are entitled to the best available medical care and we will not shy away from delivering that care. In doing so, we adhere to strict clinical governance standards.

This year the hospital has faced a barrage of criticism from The Australian newspaper and medical professionals from other fields have called for a range of inquiries into the treatment of people who are transgender, particularly transgender youth.

“As a public institution we expect and welcome public scrutiny that is fair, objective and factual.” the hospital’s leader said, noting that they were looking forward to the outcome of a review being undertaken by the Royal Australian College of Physicians.

One of the leading critics of the Gender Centre is Sydney based psychologist Dianna Kenny. She appeared on Sydney radio station 2GB on Monday afternoon telling host Luke Grant that the clinic was “castrating” children.

Grant asked Dr Kenny what she believed were the driving factors behind the increase in people identifying as transgender.

“It’s been driven by a social political ideology.” Dr Kenny said. “It’s not been driven by any medical need or change in the nature of the growth process of children into adolescence, into adulthood. It really is a political ideology driving a pseudo medical / psychological people in young people.”

Dr Kenny said because young people are very easily influenced by social media and peers, the increase of young people claiming to be transgender was an example of a “psychic epidemic”.

The psychologist said she considered the treatments were “horrifying” and akin to “child abuse”, and were rolling out a form of “conversion therapy”.

Dr Kenny said rather than allowing younger people to access puberty blockers or cross sex hormones they should be encouraged to undergo psychological treatment and accept their biological gender.

The campaigner against the affirmation treatment model, said medical practitioners were all trying to “get in on the action” because treating transgender people had become “big business” in the medical world.

“It’s big business because these children need large amount of hormones for the rest of their lives, there are all these surgeons popping up who are becoming experts in castrating young people, cutting off sexual organs and giving young girls double mastectomies.”  Dr Kenny said.

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